5 celebrities that love F1 racing

World celebrities that love F1 racing

By: Jake Rajala

The Formula 1 racing world is only growing in the year 2022. There are many well-reputable people in this world that are doing their part in helping the world sport become more recognizable and popular. With that said, I’m going to simply untwine five fascinating celebrities that certainly adore F1 racing.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo is a huge fan of F1 racing and he has expressed quite a bit of passion for Lewis Hamilton. He recently backed his “Neat Burger Project”. Interestingly, Hamilton’s competitor in Max Verstappen is in love with the actor in Titanic. Verstappen half-seriously wants DiCaprio to play him in a movie about his rivalry with Hamilton.

George Lucas

Mr. Star Wars himself is a mega-fan of F1 racing. Per The Spun, he has been to the Austrian, American, British, and Monaco circuits over the years. Prior to creating Star Wars and being recognized as a genius along with the likes of Stanley Kubrick, Lucas was in most awe of the racing world.

Owen Wilson

It’s time to get your kicks on route 66. Owen Wilson, who played Lightning McQueen in Cars, has closely followed F1 and his buddy Lewis Hamilton. Back in 2017, Wilson notably asked Hamilton if he was going to win the Championship. Hamilton will most likely not win the Championship in 2022, but his friend will certainly be rooting him on this season.

Will Smith

After the Oscar incident with Will Smith, I still believe Smith is an incredibly passionate individual. He’s also a very big F1 fan – if that wasn’t obvious. He was hanging out at the Abu Dhabi GP in 2018. I hope Smith returns to another race and I hope Hamilton is un-retired to share another selfie.


It would be hard to leave Rihanna off this list. The global icon and unmatched singer dated Lewis Hamilton from 2007 until 2015. Similar to Will Smith at the GP in Abu Dhabi GP, Rihanna sang and expressed her voice to the F1 crowd on the scene.

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