Lewis Hamilton returns to the podium

Lewis Hamilton places third in the Canadian GP

By: Jake Rajala

The Lebron James of Formula 1, also known as Lewis Hamilton, returned to the podium today. Of course, the F1 leader Max Verstappen took first place in the GP. After Verstappen, Carlos Sainz Jr. placed second in the GP (which was his same spot in Monaco). Well, Hamilton showed signs of life in this F1 season – as took third place (and he sits sixth in overall standings).

Hamilton’s teammate George Russell finished a spot after him today. Although, it was only the second time that he finished behind Hamilton this season. He currently sits fourth in the standings. It’s clear that there’s a new positive vibe with Hamilton, Russell, and Mercedes.

The CEO of the team spoke positively regarding Mercedes’s outcome.

Per BBC, Toto Wolff stated, “We were off the pace on Friday and we were good in the wet, respectable. Today at times we were with the quickest cars. In the second stint, Lewis and George were almost matching the front-runners on some laps.”

According to Express, Russell felt that he could have been third or fourth if he didn’t take a gamble on dry tyres. Perhaps Russell will carry a chip on his shoulder against his buddy leading up to the British GP.

Hamilton’s energy should only elevate after he returns home on July 3rd for the Silverstone Circuit. Hamilton finished first in each British GP from 2019 to 2021. He will certainly anticipate having a bit of magic left for his strong home crowd.

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